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The Nordic Float Bacell™ Purse Seine Floats are manufactured from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to their own in-house developed raw material receipt. Advanced production technology guarantees floats of superior quality.

The grommets are a part of the products from stage one in the production cycle and thus form an integrated part of the finished products.

The NF (nordic Float) series of purse seine floats have superb quality features, optimized to meet the challenging northern pelagic fishery. The main features of the NF series are that the float will maintain its buoyancy over long time use in rough northern conditions and it will not crack.

Nordic Floats have very high tensile strength and do not absorb any water. The outstanding elasticity of the Bacell™ material provides floats that have the highest resistance to shrinkage, permanent deformation and breakage.

Art.no Buoyancy  Length Diameter Hole diameter Weight Product sheet
NF7 8 kg 242 mm 235 mm 32 mm 1,2 kg PDF
NF10 11 kg 265 mm 260 mm 32 mm 1,6 kg PDF


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