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Løvold Solution

Since 1938, Løvold has collaborated and worked with ocean-related industries. Our business has evolved from coastal fishermen to today's high-tech aquaculture industry. Our products and services shall contribute to proper and safe production and harvesting of food for the world. Throughout the years, competence and quality have been our fundamental principles.

Løvold as

Offers complete systems for mooring fish farms and floating installations at sea – from calculations to finished designs and production. Through design, analyses, and calculations, the procurement of good raw materials, high-quality production, and good logistics solutions, quality is ensured at every stage.


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Løvold System

The global aquaculture industry is growing rapidly, and the need for comprehensive digital tools for monitoring and maintenance is only increasing. Havbruksloggen has been in use on Norwegian fish farms since 2012, and Vessel since 2019. The systems are under constant development in collaboration with some of the biggest players in the aquaculture industry.


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Løvold Havpark

A centre of expertise for sustainable and green growth in blue industries, with a focus on innovation, collaboration, technology og sustainability. The design of meeting places har been central to the project.We want to create attractive premises with common functions that connect different players who all work in the same sector, but in different areas. Løvold Havpark will be home to everyone who has a love of the sea.

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Løvold Invest

Løvold Solution is a co-owner and partner in various projects and companies.

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