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Løvold Havpark

Centre of expertise for sustainable and green growth in blue industries

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We offer various opportunities for companies that want to contribute to the vision “creating green growth in blue industries”. In order to facilitate those companies and for those of you who either just have an idea or are a major player, we have chosen to create different solutions.

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Donor buildning

Throughout the design of the ocean park, we have had a strong focus on the environment, both in the vision, content, and concept. If we are to be serious about sustainability, reuse is important. This challenges us on many levels. It is also challenging for developers and architects, since one actually needs to think a new in order to use something old. The building that previously housed Bodø Radio became our first donor building.

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Sustainability in practice

A shared interest in sustainability and increased value creation based on marine resources was the starting point for a collaboration with Nord University and the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture. In the autumn of 2020, the pilot course, “Sustainability in Practice”, was  established, where the focus is on how we can create a sustainable industry in the future.

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