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Green growth and innovation

We strive to achieve as green growth as possible, i.e., increased value creation with less overall environmental impact. We also have a clear goal of influencing other industry players to do the same. That is why we have established
Løvold Havpark – a centre of expertise for green growth in the blue industry – all with a heart for the ocean

Løvold Havpark

As part of our efforts, green innovations will be important in the future, and we must ask the right questions:

How can we get more out of less? How can we produce, consume, and reuse our resources in new ways? Can we produce more in Norway? Is there structural waste in our value chain or in the industry? Can fewer units be produced? Longer service life? Can units be reused? What expectations will the market and our partners have in the future?

The answers we arrive at often trigger new collaborations and new projects. We are proud to be in constant transition and change.

Together with MOMEK, we join forces and flag home the production of green products for  the blue industry

Raw material strategy and the first thoughts on circular economies

For a manufacturer like us, the purchase and transport of raw materials is an important factor in the value chain. Many of today’s products in the aquaculture industry are made of steel, produced with coal power and shipped from China to Norway.

We have now joined forces with Momek Invest and established a joint company, Momek Løvold AS, which will develop and produce new sustainable products and solutions for the aquaculture industry.

The ambition in the short term is to bring home the production of anchors from Asia to Norway. Robotic production in Mo i Rana using Nordic steel or other materials will be far more environmentally friendly. In 2022, the first anchors were manufactured and certified, which will now be deployed along the Norwegian coast. We also have plans to develop innovative new products and solutions in collaboration with research and development communities and the industry itself.

Obsolete equipment that is transported ashore should also be taken care of better than before. As of 2021, there are no statutory requirements to accept returns, but we believe such requirements will come in the future and are preparing ourselves for it.

We will also make choices and take steps in production that contribute to a more circular use of raw materials.

We are environmentally certified in accordance with NS 14001.

Our overriding sustainability goal is:

100% commitment to greener growth.

We see this part of our business in particular in the context of UN Sustainable Development Goal 14, which is about preserving the use of the oceans and marine resources in a way that promotes sustainable development. In both our own business, and in all our partnerships and collaborations, we have a particular focus on:

  • Sub-goal 14.1, which aims to prevent and significantly reduce all forms of marine pollution by 2025, including marine litter.
  • Sub-goal 14.a, which describes the need to strengthen scientific knowledge, build up research capacity in marine technology.



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