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Løvold Invest

Løvold Solution er medeier og partner til ulike prosjekter og selskaper.

Molobyen Utvikling

Løvold Solutions, Christian Jakhelln  AS and Clemens Eiendom joined forces some time ago on a long-term development project, merged three properties into one, agreed on a triune ownership, and established the company Molobyen Utvikling AS.

The development area is between Molorota and Bispeveien in the centre of Bodø. Over time, a completely new district will be created in Bodø. The goal of the development is to create pleasant, diverse, and sustainable urban development for the future, where people are in focus.

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Kjerringøy Bryggehotell

Kjerringøy Bryggehotell is a hotel located in the centre of Kjerringøy, which is a gem in Bodø, just a short drive from Bodø Airport. In 2007, Kjerringøy Harbour was completed with 42 accommodation units, a new breakwater, a new hotel, and 120 boat berths.

Kjerringøy Bryggehotell offers beautiful scenery, great experiences, accommodation in sea houses and fantastic hotel rooms, delicious culinary experiences with local ingredients, hot tubs, and more. Kjerringøy Bryggehotell also offers modern meeting facilities for courses and conferences, and venues for events such as weddings, confirmations, parties, and company trips.

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Project partner for Hver gang vi møtes på Kjerringøy

In 2021, the production of the TV2 show Hver gang vi møtes
moved  to Kjerringøy. After being broadcast for 10 years, the popular program, which has gathered young and old in front of their screens for many years, was moved from Kjærnes farm outside Moss to Kjerringøy Bryggehotell outside Bodø. In that connection, it was necessary to demolish the pier and then be rebuild into a completely new and identical Kvitbrygge, which today has become a fantastic venue for events.

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Momek Løvold

Momek LøvoldMomek Invest and Løvold Solution have established a joint company, Momek Løvold AS, which will develop and produce new sustainable products and solutions for the aquaculture industry.


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MS Helnessund

We are co-owner of Folden Akva’s anchor handling vessel from Moen Marine. The vessel is used for anchor handling and services for the aquaculture industry. MS Helnessund was delivered in December 2017.


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Bodøregionens Utviklingselskap is a development company consisting of 40 large companies in the Bodø region, including Løvold Solution. Together, we take extra social responsibility and wish to contribute to the development of our region by creating more profitable jobs and cooperating with local policies on this.

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Kunnskapsparken (KPB)

KPB was established in 2002 in a collaboration between the business community, Nordland County Council, and SIVA (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway). KPB is a leading company in analysis, innovation, and business development.

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Zahlfjøsen was built by a merchant named Zahl on Kjerringøy in 1892-94 and was in regular operation until the summer of 1995. The barn was restored and opened to the public in June 1998.

Zahlfjøsen currently contains the exhibition Hamsun in film and pictures and art exhibitions, including summer and sales exhibitions, RamSalten Wetland Centre, Fjære schoolhouse, a boat building workshop, library, and community office.

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