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We have decided to primarily provide financial support for activities for children and youth, preferably sports or other things that promotes knowledge, spreads joy, and creates unity and inclusion.

In addition, we contribute to charities that help people in need and to health-promoting research and development.

IK Junkeren

Children and youth are the future, and it feels important and right for Løvold Solution to be the main sponsor of IK Junkeren.

Junkeren is Bodø’s largest sports club with over 600 members, and both handball and football are played in the club. Here, we can help both girls and boys to get a place on a team, and, not least, to find joy, inclusion and unity through sport. We reach a lot of people and are genuinely proud of everyone who plays a match with”Løvold” written on their jersey.

The collaboration between Junkeren and Løvold has long traditions, which in fact go back decades, and a new agreement has been signed for 2022-2024.
Løvold Solution not only wishes to contribute money to the club’s coffers, but also to be a central partner for the club in its daily operations. This has led to several activities, and, among other things, to the creation of the concept and the business model for Den Blå Horde (“The Blue Horde”) in 2021. This in turn resulted in plastic clappers, which had been used for years to bring the stands to life, being replaced with real supporters from their own club. This gives a lot of fans, money for the team coffers (for the team that participates) and, not least, it’s better for the environment.

The work done in Junkeren, both by employees and, not least, by volunteers, is formidable, and we as a company can stand 100% behind the club’s values:

Respect – everyone is equally valuable.
Fun – we’re here to have fun
Goal-oriented – individual development and contributing to common goals.

The club has the following motto for its operations: We can, we will, we dare!

This is something we recognise from our own workday, and which is descriptive of the proactive enterprise of competence we want to be. We have the pleasure of being a part of all this.

FK Bodø/Glimt – Molobyen Action Now Cup

As a partner with FK Bodø/Glimt, we have for many years arranged Løvold Cup – the most beautiful adventure in spring. In 2019, Bodø Glimt developed  “Action Now” and at the same time challenged us to renew the tournament.  Løvold Cup got a new shirt and changed its name to “Molobyen Action Now Cup”. Together, we set ourselves the goal of creating a green tournament, initially focusing on both purchasing and waste. In 2022, the tournament was finally expanded, and girls also participate now.

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