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Inspection and maintenance system for aquaculture facilities

Comprehensive safety

With Havbruksloggen’s inspection and maintenance systems, the workday will be streamlined with smart and innovative solutions developed in collaboration with the industry.

An all-in-one inspection and maintenance system

Havbruksloggen is a digital tool that collects all the information about an aquaculture facility in one place, where third-party suppliers, service companies, and authorities can work directly in the system. With Havbruksloggen, the fish farmer has access to all aspects of production and the ability to quickly identify and fix problems. In this way, the system can help drive sustainable operations.

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New platform

With our development team, new software is developed, and today’s systems are optimised continuously. We are committed to close dialogue with our users in order to continue to offer a system that changes in line with the industry. Work is now underway to move the Havbruksloggen onto a new platform.

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The Explorer

We are part
of The Explorer, Norway’s official channel for the international promotion and marketing of green and sustainable solutions. The aim of the scheme is to ensure lower greenhouse gas emissions through increased exports of green technology from Norway. Innovation Norway is leading the export initiative, in which there are three requirements that must be met in order to participate: the company must comply with good business practice, the solution must deliver on one or more of the UN’s sustainable development goals, and it must contribute to the green transition.

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